Orchestrate a Flawless Launch.
Alignment & Action • Optimization • Simulation & Scenario Planning


Organizational Alignment & Action:

After several failed attempts, the Wrigley team engaged Bluedog to bridge functional silos, help optimize their new pack type launch, and ensure ramp-up, rollout, and in-market success. We delivered via a series of strategically planned workshops and implementation of a set of custom collaboration best practices.

Cost Structure Optimization:

In order to justify a multimillion-dollar capital investment, we led the team through an "MVP" (minimum viable proposition) workshop and arrived at a final proposition that eliminated multiple costly attributes and retained (even amplified!) product features of greatest consumer value.


Launch Simulation & Scenario Planning:

Delay, disruption, and discrepancies in supply and demand were not an option for this highly anticipated and business-critical launch. We helped the team simulate different launch scenarios and chart a course to minimize risk and maximize upside.


Enabled Wrigley to be first to market in the us with a winning front-end bulk pack type.

Durable, refillable, pocketable stick gum pack type holding 35 pieces!

Established repeatable cross-functional collaboration and innovation best practices:

Earned the project team
corporate-wide recognition
and set a new standard!