Win over Modern Moms.
Diagnostics • Design • Reinvention • Creation

Brand & Category Decline Diagnostics:

Through a series of consumer immersion and co-creation steps, we led the brand on an experiential journey to understand modern moms—their making, caretaking, and buying behaviors and the “whys” behind them.


Industrial Design:

In collaboration with OI, a leading glass manufacturer, Bluedog designed a new glass jar for Beech-Nut fondly called “the honeypot”—and transformed the face of simplicity and purity in the category.


Brand Positioning & Identity Reinvention:

We employed the rigor and reliability of our RAPID INVENTION™ process to rename, redesign, and rewrite the Beech-Nut brand playbook in less than 120 DAYS.

Relaunch Strategy & Sell-Story Creation:

"Don’t sell it—embed it!" That was our goal. We helped Beech-Nut and its retail partners unlock creative ways to drive new meaning and associations for the brand and category—from trial-driving promotions to unexpected displays.

+2% category growth in first year after Beech-Nut's relaunch

The Results:

We helped to turn around the baby food category after a multiyear decline and led Beech-Nut to new growth.