Re-Energize Gum.
Dot-Connecting • Prototyping • Creation • Cadence Strategy

Trend, Consumer, Capabilities & Retail Dot-Connecting:

We mapped the current and future landscape of consumers’ energy needs and identified a series of compelling benefits that gum—Wrigley Gum!—could uniquely own. We then translated these insights to the retail environment and carved out a meaningful place for Wrigley’s new offering to play—one that bridged contexts and categories and offered new legs to gum.


Rapid Prototyping:

Make. Provoke. Learn. Iterate. We coordinated this process to work like clockwork among Wrigley’s R&D, Engineering, Insights, and Marketing teams. After just a few rapid rounds of prototyping, we arrived at an iteration that consumers and retailers alike could not wait to get in their hands.

Total Proposition-Offering Creation:

The Wrigley team came to us with an idea and an ambition: energy gum, ready for launch in 120 days. We came back with a commitment and a plan: dedicated team, 117 DAYS. In that time, we brought their idea to life holistically—product, pack, name, messaging, merchandising, and launch plan. Together, we were limitless and fast!


Retail & Innovation Cadence Strategy:

It’s not our style to do one-and-done innovations or incomplete handoffs. From the start, we geared up the team to be thinking about a pipeline of offerings with a thoughtful and strategic rollout plan. We considered all aspects of this—the shoppers that would lead adoption, the retailers that would lead performance, and the 2.0 offerings that would keep momentum high.


The Results:

Engineered one of the fastest new brand and product launches in company history.

14 Months
from product charter to product shipments.

Helped Wrigley launch an immediate success story:

Top-Turning SKU
at several key retailers within weeks of arriving on shelves.