What we believe

Catalysts for DEEPER brand relationships.

Brands must build MEANINGFUL relationships. Today's consumers seek connection in a disconnected world. We believe that by cultivating those connections, brands can and should build relationships with consumers that bring richer meaning to their lives. Our mission: catalyze those deeper relationships in everything we do – from strategy to innovation to design.

OUR MISSION: Catalyze brand relationships.

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How we work

Uncovering potential, generating ACTION.

Our services help brands find an ownable path forward. And then act on it. Our integrated teams link strategy with execution. They solve business challenges and dig for deeper ways to connect with consumers. But always with an eye towards bringing a brand’s underleveraged potential to life in tangible and compelling ways that drive real growth.

What’s your path to SUCCESS?

How we work

INVENTING the future.

Bluedog Innovation delivers high-value business opportunities that drive growth while also growing your consumer relationships. We call that positive impact. With a focus on speed to market, we shepherd ideas through all phases of the innovation stream, whether it be defining front-end opportunities, transforming insights into commercial-ready concepts or building prototypes. We have a proven track record of delivering opportunities that exceed hurdle rates as well as thinking that makes future actions tangible and obvious.

If you’re looking to ignite business growth while making your consumers’ lives better, you’ve come to the right place.


  • Pipeline Fill
  • Brand Stretch
  • Rapid Invention™
  • Visioning
  • Global Safari™
  • Portfolio Line Vision

How we work

Unleashing the POWER of connection.

With expertise in the ways of the heart and mind, Bluedog strategists are your guides to deeper connection. We’ll uncover the authentic values you share with your consumers – the values that inspire trust, relationships and advocacy. We then help you champion them in everything you say or do. Whether we are partnering to define your purpose, positioning or other strategy, we cut through complexity with well-supported, consumer-driven choices about where you can take your brand.

Don’t just stand there, stand for something!


  • Brand Purpose
  • Positioning & Consumer Architecture
  • Brand Story
  • Communications
  • Megabrand, Brand &
    Sub-Brand Strategy
  • Touchpoint Strategy

How we work

Bringing connection to LIFE.

We’ll tell your story in three seconds or less. Our design team translates your business objectives into solutions embedded with the values and meaning your consumers crave. We know how to balance your existing equities with your potential to connect in new and valuable ways; we recently helped a brand grow more than 15 percent four years in a row. We’ll also give you and your partners tools to communicate in an integrated, dynamic and efficient way -- across all consumer touchpoints.

Is your brand living up to its full potential? If not, call us. Your mother would be proud.


  • Brand Revitalization
  • Package Design
  • In-Store and To-Store Creative
  • Identity Development
  • Naming
  • Concepting

What makes us tick

What MAKES us Bluedoggers?

We joined Bluedog as senior brand talent seeking a home to practice our craft. Together we’ve built a creative culture that supports our individual curiosity, welcomes collaboration and mixes strategic rigor with a bias towards action. As catalysts, we seek out other catalysts – clients, partners and teammates – who are wired to take things to the next level. Our friends like us because we deliver smart, intuitive work on-strategy and on-budget. They love us because we help them think bigger about the problems they are trying to solve.

Bluedoggers chase POTENTIAL like a dog chases a bone.

Bluedog is a MODERN, women-owned agency.

Our work

We are very proud of our diverse range of SOLUTIONS.

Please CONTACT US to review our portfolio. We’ll share a relevant selection of work and give you insight into the thinking, expertise and approach behind it.

Bhuja Snacks
Betty Crocker
Beech Nut
Totino's Bold
Muir Glen


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